Does Pure Orange Oil treat against all types of termites?

  • NO. Pure Orange Oil is specifically designed for the eradication of Drywood Termites. If you have evidence of Subterranean Termites, we recommend other types of treatment such as Sentricon® or Termidor®.

What does Pure Orange Oil smell like?

  • Oranges, plain and simple. The scent will typically last 4 – 5 days

Will your treatment provide a clearance for me if I decide to sell my home?

  • Pure Orange Oil Treatments are a great option for those needing a Termite Inspection Report.

Can termites return to my house after treatment?

  • Termites can re-infest structures after treatment – even with fumigation. Contrary to popular belief, fumigation is a one-time kill that does not prevent future infestation. If you use fumigation, future infestations mean more chemicals, tenting, and moving out of your home.

How can drill and treat methods be effective if you do not apply Orange Oil to every piece of wood in my house?

  • If there is no evidence of infestation, then the piece of wood is free and clear of termites. There is no need to treat every board, only the infested ones.

Can termites be found in a newly completed building?

  • The majority of the requests for inspection are in homes ten years or older. A new home with swarmers would suggest that the wood used in construction was infested or became infested during construction. A colony will swarm within four to five years of being established; if a swarm occurs sooner than five years in a new building, we know that the colony was established in the structural timbers prior to completion of the structure.